Ken Green for Golf Digest

Photographed Ken Green for Golf Digest (published Oct./09 issue).  This wasn’t your typical Golf Digest assignment by far….read Dave Kindred’s story here





I photographed Ken back in the early 90’s for SI down in Miami, he was a kind of flamboyant guy back then wearing the green shoes and glove, pretty hard to miss.  This guy has an incredible story to tell because of everything he’s been through.  In a nutshell- he was in a horrible accident and lost his brother, girlfriend, faithful dog (the dog he pulled out of an alligator’s mouth a few years back), his home, all his possessions, his leg, and I would think his will to live.  I love assignments like this, it’s so raw and you never know what to expect when you go in.  It’s usually a bit of give and take with the subjects, but he opened right up and allowed for these photographs.  I really owe quite a bit to the people I photograph when you can come into someone’s life for a very short time, peel the onion back, and take a peek inside.  He’s going to attempt being the first player in PGA history to play competitive golf with a prosthesis.  Amazing man.

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