MADD SPEC PSA from Ben Van Hook Pictures on Vimeo.

Wrote and directed this spec psa for MADD. Can’t do something like this solo..lots of folks helping out. Thanks to the following: John Atkinson, DP/steadicam, Kent Vanderberg, Editor, Ricky Fontanez, 1st AC, Michael Foerstner, Production Designer, Ryan Wendler, Sound, Anda Lucia Ariail, mom, Natalie Mizo, daughter, Pam Brandon, location, Darrel Cole, Cole Classic Cars, Hollywood Rental Orlando, Jack Tinsley, City of Orlando, Orlando Film Commision, Norma Sardy, Paul Van Wormer, Jan Cressey, Kristin Mizo.
Tech stuff: All shot w/ Canon 5D and 7D cameras, Zeiss Compact Prime lenses.

Natalie Mizo

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